Fixed Skylight - FS

pitched roof skylight
BRANZ appraised skylight
Skylights in dining room
Skylight in living room
Our FS fixed skylight is the affordable choice for visually expanding interiors with daylight and sky views. Great for living rooms, dining rooms and any rooms needing a daylight transformation.
  • Toughened, argon fill, double glazing with Low-E3 coating.
  • Exterior of aluminium in "grey friars" colour.
  • R-value of 0.49** for complete unit.
** R-value (m2 K/W) data based on NFRC simulations at 90° installation pitch (nominal skylight size 1200mm x 1200mm)
Fixed Skylight (FS)
* For roofs below 15° pitch, FS skylights need to be raised to 15° and custom flashed. VELUX can assist with technical advice and drawings.

Technical Performance

FS Size chart


Solar Heat Gain Co-efficient

Hailstone Test

WERS max 5 stars

NZ Standards

Complete Skylight 0.49 Complete Skylight 0.26 VELUX Simulated Tests
ASTM E822-2009
NZS4223.4, AS4285, NZS3604, NZ1170

 R-value (m2 K/W) and SHGC based on NFRC simulations at 90o installation pitch (FS/FCM) nominal skylight size 1200mm x 1200mm. 


Skylight Cartoon
QUALITY - Stylish design, tested performance and dedicated, local sales support
Sun on Roof Windows
HEALTHY - Daylight boosts vitamin D levels during extended indoor times in winter.
Skylight White Timber Finish
PRE-FINISHED - White painted interior frames require no on-site painting.

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