New Zealand Case Studies

Sky's the limit

A new show home in New Plymouth that is reaching for the sun.

Hanley's Farm

Reaching New Heights

Hanley’s Farm is a fast growing residential subdivision and features several group home builders, transforming the development with their unique showhome designs to take advantage of the incredible views of the surrounding Remarkables mountain range. The homes featured represent a diversity of architectural styles and price points, but they all share the same strategy for capturing natural light  and bringing outdoor scenery inside - VELUX Skylights. 

“WOW is the very first word everyone says when they see the skylights.”

Kings Plant Barn

Bringing the Outdoors Inside

Kings Plant Barns throughout New Zealand are known for their friendly in-house cafés. Not only are these eateries popular with garden centre customers, they are destinations in their own right. The factor that makes some garden centre cafés more successful than others is the ‘oasis’ effect - a glorious leafy, airy, outdoorsy ambiance that isn’t adversely affected by the day’s weather. When the 25-year old Botany Downs café was due for a makeover, the garden centre’s management decided to take the oasis effect to a whole new level, with two fleets of VELUX solar-powered skylights.

Bach Living

Beach Living With Sunshine, Light & Fresh Air

The McLuckie house in Whitianga uses skylights to bring sunlight and fresh air into the upper story of a home that’s designed for beachside family living. Paul McLuckie worked closely to design a home that reflects his family’s lifestyle and VELUX Skylights have been the ideal solution, bathing the upstairs in natural light and fresh air, and creating a more liveable, usable space.

“The light and shadow patterns up on the walls change as the light changes with the time of day. It adds another dimension to the home,” says Paul McLuckie.


Marion Backpackers Hostel


With his spectacular renovation of the Aspro Building in Marion Street, New Zealand property developer and accommodation entrepreneur, Elliot Corleison, set out to create the best backpackers hostel in Wellington.

"The daylight that comes through gives you light in the lower levels, even on a cloudy day. You don’t need artificial lights. It’s great because you can walk up and down the hallways without fumbling around for a light switch."

Farmhouse Conversion

Bringing Light into a heritage home.

For the Graham family, watching their 'grand dame' of a farmhouse transform into a light-filled, open-plan modern home was an uplifting process. Central to that transformation was the installation of 21 VELUX skylights to the living areas, providing a transformative experience for the owner/architect and his family.

"It's lovely having a warm, dry, healthy home for the kids to grow up in, and I'm not so worried about them getting sick. The skylights keep the house ventilated. In winter, when things are dull, the extra light perks you up. It just makes all the difference."

Lemonwood Grove School


For Lemonwood Grove School, creating a thoughtfully crafted educational environment was at the top of their wish list, setting a new standard for school design in New Zealand. Lit primarily by VELUX skylights, Lemonwood Grove School has transformed the way children learn, creating spaces that are naturally bright and open.

"The outcome is the best natural lighting we've ever seen in a school." says Ian Maclean, Stephenson & Turner Architects.