kitchen skylights with blockout blinds coming half way down in auckland

Bring Light to Life

Without daylight the world would stop functioning... so why not use it in your home as much as possible? With VELUX solar powered skylights, you can utilise the rejuvenating aspects of the sun in your family's home, keeping your family happy and healthy.

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kitchen with skylights and lights in wellington

Creating Impact

Don't limit the use of Skylights for just lighting, make a unique architectural impact. The design of your light-shaft can change task lighting into a master piece. Don't let the opportunity go to waste, design a light-shaft that highlights your unique skylight installation.
skylights with dark interior in the kitchen in wellington

Entertaining the Possibilities

Don't limit the use of Skylights for just lighting, make a unique architectural impact. The design of your light-shaft can change task lighting into a master piece. Don't let the opportunity go to waste, design a light-shaft that highlights your unique skylight installation.
skylights in the kitchen in wellington

Your Window on the World

Because they are on the roof, skylights let in more light than traditional vertical windows. Here, a group of six VELUX Electric Skylights brighten up the kitchen, making the room feel more spacious and provide plenty of ventilation.​

skylights in kitchen with lights in wellington

Skylights for Day, Pendant Lights for Night

Skylights provide abundant daylight during the day, but as many people have realised, adding lighting within the light-shaft is an excellent way to enhance a room at night.

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kitchen skylights with white interior in wellington

Gain a feeling of Spaciousness

Not much space, but still want the impression of a large room?
Ceiling height plays a large role in the apparent size of a room. By adding a group of skylights in the roof, you not only lift the height of the ceiling, but you gain a view that extends through the clouds.


bathroom skylights with marble tiles in auckland

Brighten a dark bathroom

Brighten your bathroom by flooding light in with VELUX skylights. Even bathrooms with darker tones can look bright and clean with the addition of a VELUX solar powered skylight.
bathroom skylights with bathtub in auckland

Remove a vertical window, add a VELUX and get more space

Ever wondered how you could fit more luxury features into your bathroom? Consider removing your vertical window, and replacing it with a skylight. You'll have an extra wall to add a bath or that his & hers double  vanity you always wanted.
skylights in bathroom with white interior in auckland

Awash in fresh air and daylight

Fresh air and daylight flood the bathroom and provide you the perfect moment of silence and privacy. The Solar Skylights can be pre-programmed to ventilate the room even when you are away and close automatically if it starts to rain. 
skylights in bathroom with twin shower heads

Shower under sunlight

You don't need to be in a tropical paradise to shower under sunlight. Luxury from home is something skylights can provide in so many ways!

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skylights in bathroom with round mirrors in auckland

Natural Light for Your Morning Make-up Ritual

Nothing looks quite the same under artificial lighting - especially make-up. That's why the morning ritual is best when done under the natural  daylight  your VELUX skylights provide - no longer will you leave for the day and realise the colour is all wrong.
woman in bathtub with skylights and blinds half way closed in auckland

Bathe in luxury

Soaking in the bath is luxury many of us don't have time for, but when you do, wouldn't you like to relax while looking up at the clouds, or even the stars?


four skylights in bedroom with fan and bed with blue sheets in wellington

Studio living

It's not just the floor space which affects how small a room can feel, it's also the ceiling height. Create a vast expanse by incorporating a skylight feature and feel how open your home feels - even within a small area.

father and son under velux skylight with timber paneling in wellington

Make the most of your space

Here two VELUX electric skylights add a new dimension to the space, bringing in additional natural daylight and brightening up the room. An interesting light shaft has been used to fit into the timber ceiling for maximum effect.

woman in bedroom looking at skylights in wellington

Bring the outside in

This bedroom utilises windows and skylights to bring the air of the outdoors inside. Not only does a skylight provide natural daylight and fresh air, but they can also provide a window to the green outdoors - without having to leave the bed.

woman on bed admiring the natural daylight and skylights in wellington

A brighter bedroom

Thanks to skylights, this bedroom now benefits from abundant natural light during the day. The convenience of the solar powered blockout blinds makes it a breeze to close the blinds when you want a nap. And the white-painted sash adds a clean, modern look to the room.

bedroom skylights above bed in wellington

Open up small bedrooms

Even small and compact bedrooms can benefit from the installation of VELUX skylights - they bring in the light and make the whole room appear much roomier than it actually is.

bedroom skylights with timber ceiling in wellington

Stargaze from bed

If sleeping under the stars in your thing, add some skylights above the bed and you can lay there looking at the stars every night. No need to go camping!

Living Rooms

living room skylights with great sky views and timber ceiling in christchurch

Centre your living space around Skylights

Incorporate Skylights into your room design for best effect. Skylights draw the eye, so using them as a central feature in the room can enhance the design and allows skylights to flawlessly blend into the living area.

Products Used:

living room skylight with beige interior in christchurch

Create a sense of space

Skylights placed in a large ceiling will bring added light, but they can also make the space appear bigger and more inviting. VELUX skylights come in a variety of sizes to fit any application or room.

15 skylights in living room with fantastic sky views in christchurch

Get the 'WOW' factor

Skylights are great for providing natural light and ventilation, but they can be used for a much greater effect. Who could enter this house and miss the 16 skylights installed, any guests are bound to be amazed at the architectural feature you've created.

skylights in living room in christchurch

Don't let a flat roof stop you

The VELUX flat roof skylight lets you install skylights in your new extension. Their purpose built frame allows installation in the flattest of roofs bringing ample light into any room of the home.

skylights in living room with blue and white interior in christchurch

Brighten your day

Whether you're entertaining or relaxing, skylights add life to any room and dark corners become a thing of the past. This living area has been opened up with a view of the bright blue sky.

skylights with rustic interior in living room in christchurch

Control Indoor Climate

The cathedral like ceilings and spectacular interiors will have homeowners always looking up in awe.   Control the indoor house climate with VELUX ACTIVE and enjoy the health benefits.  And note also how the newly installed Skylights now show off the beautiful and intricate timber in the ceiling.


roof windows in hallway and staircase in wellington

Natural light where you never thought it possible

VELUX skylights make it possible to bring natural light into internal stairwells. Even on a cloudy day, our skylights provide great lighting.

skylight with blue skies above stairs with lights in wellington

Bring in the daylight

Most hallways are not very special. But the inclusion of  VELUX skylights is a great way to add a new dimension to it. This hallway is now a brighter, more inviting space, basking in all the benefits of natural light.

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skylights above stairs with hanging lights on the sides in wellington

A total transformation

Stairwells don't have to be neglected and boring spaces. Add some skylights to these usually dark areas and you can create a brilliantly bright and open space.

skylights in a hallway with roofing interior detail  in wellington
lady walking up the stairs with velux skylights in christchurch

A whole new bright and fresh feeling

A skylight can be a great way to add light and extra depth to a stairwell. You'll never worry about a dimly lit stairwell again. Program your solar skylight to open throughout the day - venting heat rising up through the stairwell.

velux skylights in showroom in sydney

Create a welcoming atmosphere

The VELUX Showroom in Sydney is always bright and welcoming with these skylights right above the entrance and stairs. The skylights brightens an otherwise dark hallway and showcases the magnificent sky views.


skylights in patio area and kitchen with white interior in christchurch
outdoor patio skylights with sky views and table in christchurch
skylights with views on trees with minimal white interior in christchurch
skylights in patio and bbq area in christchurch

Extend your living area

Using a number of VELUX Low Pitch skylights to create a complete roof in this almost fully enclosed patio makes it an airy and light filled extension to the homes living area.

outdoor patio skylights with timber ceiling and pool in christchurch

Entertainer's paradise

Use skylights to create a grand feature your guests won't be able to stop talking about.  Even in an outdoor patio, skylights can give the 'WOW factor'.

Skylights in outdoor patio area with timber ceiling and chimney in christchurch

Enjoy the Sky Views

Bring the outside in with VELUX skylights. These VELUX Fixed Skylights have graciously transformed this outside space  and added a special unique touch. Enjoy the light and sky views within your patio and entertainment area.

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