Double Glazing, Argon gas, Low E3

Our double glazing provides heat insulation, sound insulation, added strength and safety – and protection from the elements.
All VELUX skylights, low-pitch skylights and roof windows are Double Glazed, Argon gas filled with Low E coating and warm edge technology.

When the highest point of a skylight glazing is more than 5m or higher above floor level, Grade A laminated glazing must be used to comply with NZS 4223 

High Performance Double Glazing

  1. 5.36mm Laminated inner panes for added safety. 
  2. 9mm Argon filled cavity for thermal insulation
  3. Double layer of Low-E3 coating increases thermal performance and reduces UV rays
  4. 3mm Outer pane of toughened safety glass
  5. Neatâ„¢ coating to reduce cleaning frequency
  6. Warm edge technology increases energy efficiency


  • UV harmful rays block: 99% 
  • Noise reduction factor: 32 decibels 
  • Double layer of Low-E3 coating. 
  • 10 year warranty on insulated glass seal. 
  • Reduced cleaning frequency.

Hailstone Test 

In simulated tests VELUX Skylights withstood cricket ball sized hailstones at speeds experienced during heavy storms.

NEAT™ Photocatalytic Coating 

Silicone Dioxide/Titanium Dioxide coating reacts with the sun’s UV rays to decompose surface organic dirt before rinsing away with the next shower of rain, thereby reducing cleaning frequency. 

  • The coating also makes the glass surface smoother, so water disperses evenly, sheets off and evaporates quickly, thereby minimising water spotting on the pane.