GGU Roof Window

pitched roof skylight

Our GGU  roof window has a  white polyurethane, maintenance free interior and is an excellent solution to visually expanding interiors with daylight, fresh air and sky views. Ideal for in-reach attic situations.

  • Laminated, argon fill, double glazing with Low-E coating
  • Exterior of lacquered aluminium in "grey friars" colour
  • In-reach use Available in 7 sizes
  • Noise reduction of 34 dB
  • R-value of 0.83*
*R-value (m2 K/W) data based on NFRC simulations at 90° installation pitch (nominal skylight size 1200mm x 1200mm)

See how it operates below

Technical Performance


Solar Heat Gain Co-efficient

WERS max 5 stars

NZ Standards

0° R-Value Available Here Complete Roof Window 0.30
NZS4223.4, AS4285, NZS3604, NZ1170

* Roofs below 15o pitch, roof windows need to be raised to 15o and custom flashed. VELUX can assist with technical advice and drawings.

**BRANZ verified horizontal R-Values 
†SHGC calculated according to EN 1435-1:2006+ A2:2016



Roof Window Cross Section
Frame and sash are encapsulated with a thick, seamless, white, polyurethane for a tough maintenance-free interior finish.
Roof Window Ventilation
PASSIVE VENT - For controllable passive ventilation when you want it.
Roof Window Rotation for Cleaning
Sash rotates 180 degrees for easy cleaning from the inside
Sun on Roof Windows
Daylight boosts vitamin D levels during extended indoor times in winter and Fresh Air replaces damp, allergen filled stale air
Skylight Budget Cartoon
Daylight, Fresh Air and Sky Views with GGU roof windows available from $720 incl. GST
Skylight Cartoon
QUALITY - Stylish design, tested performance and dedicated, local sales support

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