Fixed Skylight

Skylight pitch
skylight and painting

Light spaces with Daylight and Sky Views

Skylights in dining room
Skylight in living room

VALUE, daylight & sky views

Our FS fixed skylight is the affordable choice for visually expanding interiors with daylight and sky views. Great for living rooms, dining rooms and any rooms needing a daylight transformation.
- Toughened, argon fill, double glazing with Low-E3 coating.
- Exterior of aluminium in "grey friars" colour.
- R-value of 0.53 m2K/W for complete unit.


Skylight Budget Cartoon
VALUE - Daylight and sky views with FS fixed skylights available from $470 incl. GST.
Sun on Roof Windows
HEALTHY - Daylight boosts vitamin D levels during extended indoor times in winter.
Skylight White Timber Finish
PRE-FINISHED - White painted interior frames require no on-site painting.
Skylight Cartoon
QUALITY - Stylish design, tested performance and dedicated, local sales support

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