Electric Skylight

Skylight pitch
Wall mount touch screen remote control

Smart spaces with Daylight, Fresh Air and Sky Views on remote

Skylights over kitchen
Skylights Blinds Woman Remote

SMART daylight, fresh air & sky views

Our VSE INTEGRA® electric skylight is the smart choice for visually expanding interiors with daylight, fresh air and sky views on remote control. Great for bathrooms, kitchens, laundries and any rooms needing a daylight and fresh air transformation.
- Laminated, argon fill, double glazing with Low-E3 coating.
- Includes removable insect screen.
- Exterior of aluminium in "grey friars" colour.
- R-value of 0.50 m2K/W for complete unit.





Touch Screen Remote Control
SMART - Programmable INTEGRA® control pad and pre-installed rain sensors included.
Sun on Roof Windows
HEALTHY - Daylight boosts vitamin D levels during extended indoor times in winter and Fresh Air replaces damp, allergen filled stale air
Skylight White Timber Finish
PRE-FINISHED - White painted interior frames require no on-site painting.
Skylight Cartoon
QUALITY - Stylish design, tested performance and dedicated, local sales support

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