Flat roof/low-pitch Sun Tunnel

flat roof low-pitch skylight
Low Pitch Sun Tunnel

VELUX sun tunnels are designed to provide daylight in any room where you need light without a sky view. Suitable for flat/low-pitch roofs, it can be installed in roofs with 0°- 60° pitches. For roof pitches of 15°- 60° you can use a VELUX sun tunnel for pitched roof.

$790 incl. GST

  • 350mm diameter with double glazed diffuser
  • Use where ceiling to roof distance is between 900-6000mm.
  • Standard length is 1200mm extendable to 6000mm using ZTR extension pieces.       
  • Stylish low profile, curb mounted roof module.
  • Custom made flashing required (not supplied by VELUX)