Low-Pitch Sun Tunnel

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Low Pitch Sun Tunnel Tube Skylight
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VELUX sun tunnels are designed to provide daylight in any room where you need light without a sky view.

The VELUX low-pitch rigid sun tunnel can be installed in roofs with 0°- 60° pitches. For roof pitches of 15°- 60° you can use a VELUX sun tunnel for pitched roof.

Low-Pitch Sun Tunnel

Rigid sun tunnel

Available from $790 incl. GST

  • 350mm diameter with double glazed diffuser
  • Use where ceiling to roof distance is between 900-6000mm.
  • Standard length is 1200mm extendable to 6000mm using ZTR extension pieces.       
  • Stylish low profile, curb mounted roof module.
  • Custom made flashing required.

Select your sun tunnel below

Shortest distance between ceiling and roof                              Pitched roof 15-600       Low-pitch roof 0-600 
Profiled roofing up to 120mm profile height - corrugate, tile Flat profile roofing - slate, shingle Any roofing as custom flashing will be used 
     400 - 900mm                 TWF    
     900-1200mm                     TCR
   900 - 1500mm           TWF or  TWR                  TLR   TCR plus ZTR extension/s
  1500 - 1700mm                 TWR   TCR plus ZTR extension/s
  1700 - 6000mm   TWR plus ZTR extension/s    TLR plus ZTR extension/s   TCR plus ZTR extension/s


            TWF          TWR         TLR        TCR
 Description Complete with 1500mm flexible tunnel Complete with 1700mm rigid tunnel Complete with 1700mm rigid tunnel Complete with 1200mm rigid tunnel
Includes flashing for  Profiled roofing up to 120mm profile height - corrugate, tile  Low profile roofing - slate, shingle Custom flashing required
 Size                                     List Price incl. GST
         Ø  250mm           $590    
         Ø  350mm          $490         $690             $790           $790