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VELUX Skylights Installation Instructions

All VELUX skylights installation instructions are available in PDF format. If you cannot find the guide you are looking for please call us on 0800 650 445.

Installation Instructions for current products 


VSE INTEGRA® Opening Skylights & VS Opening Skylights
Blinds for VSE
·         VS Opening Skylight
·         EDW flashing for VSE
·         EDL Flashing for VSE
·         User guide
GGU/GGL Roof Window
Blinds for GGU/GGL
·         GGU/GGL Roof Window
·         DKL Blackout Blind Manual
·         EDW Flashings for GGU/GGL 
·          PAL Venetian Blind Manual
·         EDL Flashings for GGU/GGL
·         KLC 500 INTEGRA® Control unit
FS Fixed Skylight
                    Blinds for FS
·         FS Fixed Skylight
·         DKD Blackout Blind Manual
·         EDW Flashings for FS
·         EDL Flashing for FS
VCE INTEGRA® low Pitch Opening Skylight
Blinds For VCE
·         User guide
VCM Low Pitch Opening Skylight
Blinds For VCM
FCM Low Pitch Fixed Skylights
Blinds For FCM
·         FCM Low Pitch Fixed Skylight
·         DKC Blackout Blinds Manual
·         ZZZ 199 Accessory Tray 
VELUX Sun Tunnels   
Accessories For Sun Tunnels

Installation Instructions For VSE/VS/FS With A Box up to 150
Installation Instructions For GGU/GGL Roof Windows With A Box up to 150
·         FS box up in membrane roofs
·         VSE/VS box up in metal roofs 
·         FS box up in metal roofs